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Our senses play fundamental role in forming our emotions, thoughts and responses.

Businesses and products compete today, more than ever before, for customer attention.

By aiming the senses, brand may create a strong and long-lasting emotional connection with consumers.

Right scent in a right way, adds to a simple concept as surface, additional customer experience.

To always serve its clients, United Fragrance Oil develops its fragrance diffusers.

Whether for professionals or individuals, our perfume diffusers provide olfactory solutions for scenting the air.

By combining modern technology and the high quality of fragrance, we customize innovative solutions to take ownership of the air in our everyday places.

Our range of diffusers is suitable to use in any possible space.

Our services include equipment, operation management and maintenance.


Portable or connects to existing HVAC system

Safe and effective


Adjustable duration and intensity settings


Auto operation mode


Provide coverage for spaces up to 8000 sq.ft.

United Fragrance Oil scent diffusers are excellent for use in:

Long-lasting fragrance diffusers are based on the concept that a perfume or scented mixture is compress to a dry mist by a high amount of air pressure and continuously evaporated at a pre-determined rate. A medium or low intensity of perfume is regularly released to ensure a permanent background scent during approximately one month. Our diffusers have the advantage that consumption can be regulated; they are refillable and highly effective.

Our diffusers

our diffusers
UFO Scent Diffusers


●    Coverage up to 8000 sq.ft. / 740 m2 per fragrance bottle

●    Connects to HVAC system

●    Two Bottles 16.9 oz / 500 ml aluminum each

●    Max oil consumption 5 ml/hour

●    Dimensions 12.9”x7.1”x7.1”

UFO Portable Scent Diffuser
UFO Scent Diffuser for HVAC


  • Coverage up to 8000 sq.ft. / 740 m2

  • Connects to HVAC system

  • Bottle 16.9 oz / 500 ml aluminum

  • Max oil consumption 3 ml/hour

  • Dimensions 12.9”x7.1”x7.1”


  • Coverage up to 700 sq.ft. / 65 m2

  • Bottle 5 oz / 150 ml aluminum

  • Portable
  • Max Oil consumption 1ml/hour

  • Dimensions 2.5” diameterx12.2” tall

Our scent collections

our scents
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