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At UNITED FRAGRANCE OIL, we offer to our clients unlimited choices of luxury scents.

We provide fragrance oils for perfumes and colognes with the fastest and seamless service, attentiveness and professionalism.

Our fragrance compositions will fulfill the most demanding desire.

With creativity, personalization, “savoir-faire”, innovation and respect to the regulatory standards, UNITED FRAGRANCE OIL will build for you a scent of success.


About Us

United Fragrance Oil is a confirmed leader of supplying fragrance oils for perfumes and colognes.

With an advance level of experience, each team member radiates professionalism and passion for perfumery. This has allowed for our company to provide all the possibilities  for our clients to succeed.

As a big part of the cosmetic industry, United Fragrance Oil has a well-positioned main office in Florida with manufacturing facilities located in Europe and the USA. We propose to our clients only the highest quality products with a completely personalized customer service.

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about us at United Fragrance Oil
about us United Fragrance Oil

Company Profile

United Fragrance Oil is a team of 30 + years of combined experience in the fragrance industry.

Our company is specialized in the creation of perfumery essences and flavor compounds for use in fine fragrances.

Our extensive scent database, team of master perfumers and fast production times, has given us an opportunity to offer our clients the perfect product with ultimate quality.

United Fragrance Oil has direct relationships and agreements with graphic designers, perfume bottles and cap manufacturers, which allows us to create a custom packaging on demand.

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Our Commitments

At United Fragrance Oil, we create, manufacture and supply fragrance oil.

Our commitment is to be perfect, fast and complete.

Each member of our team possesses at least 10 years of experience in cosmetic and perfume industry.

We follow the marketplace with respect to regulatory standards, demands of today and future trends.

We always strive to find a solution for each of our clients in order to reduce costs and increase profitability.


Fragrance Oil

United Fragrance Oil is a confirmed leader of supplying fragrance oils for perfumes and colognes

Each fine fragrance is a unique masterpiece.

In order to launch a signature perfume or cologne, it needs lots of factors - a talented and well experienced perfumer; high quality raw-materials; state-of-the-art manufacturing process and customized packaging.

Creating a scent requires huge passion and high level of expertise from a perfumer.

Our team includes some of the top ten “noses” in the world, who  created many of well-known signature  fragrance blends.

With our fragrance library of over 12 000 fragrances, advanced and professional team, high quality level and perfection, attentiveness and creativity, we have all the possibilities to bring to our clients unmistakably winning fragrance.

Please, have one of our salespeople find the perfect scent for your project.

United Fragrance Oil is a confirmed leader of supplying fragrance oils for perfumes and colognes

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